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Autologic Assist is the world's first fully integrated fix and support system that is built from a set of distinctive capabilities to help repair shops fix more cars faster and more profitably.

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Autologic Assist delivers a simultaneous set of capabilities that enables repair shops to get from fault identification to first-time-fix, fast.

With each passing year, cars get more complex and harder to service and repair. To keep pace with new vehicle models and chassis, repair shops have acquired many different scan tools. Identifying root causes can take hours; even days. In recent research, we discovered that up to 25% of cars may never be diagnosed correctly. This situation creates unhappy customers and dramatically impacts repair shop profitability. While tools help with diagnoses, they don't solve the bigger problem: how to fix the most cars in the shortest time for the maximum profit.

Assist was developed in response to the increasing sophistication of modern European premium brand vehicles. Assist increases workshop profitability and end-customer satisfaction. With Assist, Autologic provides a unique combination of technical insights and state-of-the-art technology. It's like having a dealer-trained technician in your repair shop right when you need them - and not on your payroll.

We help you get to the root cause of issue more efficiently than you ever thought possible, and way faster than tools alone. We estimate that with Assist, you can save an hour a day, which amounts to a saving of over £15,000 every year (calculated on typical labour rates at £60 per hour).

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Our expert Fault to Fix diagnosis approach


Connect AssistPlus to the car, collect all the fault codes and describe the problem via the AssistOnline system. Book a time slot with one of our brand-specialist teams.


Decide whether or not you need to talk through the problem or tell us about the issue electronically. You can send pictures or video of the vehicle problems and be guided through the best way to fix it via electronic messages or through our Assist team.


Order the correct parts first time around.

4: FIX

Fix the problem while another Assist Expert guides you through the fit and test.


Bill the customer on time with an invoice that shows parts, labour and Assist time.

Key features of Assist

  • First of its kind fix and support system
  • AssistOnline system for booking more complex work as well as tracking faults and fixes
  • Access to more than 100 dealer-trained Assist Master Technicians with up-to-date, continuous professional development
  • Full software support and updates
  • Regular vehicle-related diagnostic upgrades
  • Advanced diagnostics device that is integrated with the service
  • Access to critical third-party vehicle repair information, such as wiring diagrams and fault resolution guides
  • Guided Pass-Thru support

How Autologic Assist helps your business

  • Diagnose and repair more vehicles daily
  • Increased billable hours, revenue and cost control
  • Enhanced ability to service more complex vehicles

What you get in your Annual Assist Support Service

Technical Support

  • Symptom Assessment
  • Fault Code Interpretation
  • Log File Analysis
  • Diagnostic Pathway
  • Fix Pathway
  • Fix Assurance

Guided Pass-Thru

  • Guidance on J2534 and Euro 5 Pass-Thru
  • Remote Support Assistance
  • Setup Assistance
  • Online information Wizard 
  • Manufacturer-specific requirements

Contact Preferences

  • AssistPortal - Direct access to Brand Champion via device
  • AssistOnline - Direct access to Brand Champion via website 
  • AssistMobile - Our new App allows direct access to our Master Technicians via your mobile device 
  • AssistCall - Call to discuss your fault issues


Tool Support

  • Onboarding and Device Usage Help
  • Help with Integration/Camera/Cloud
  • Guidance on Manufacturer-specific Procedures

Diagnostic Software Releases

  • Updates to Chassis Roadmap
  • Updates to Variant Roadmap
  • Updates to ECU Coverage Roadmap
  • 12 months of software support and vehicle updates

When should I call the Assist team?

Level 1:

Standard Diagnosis or Resets

There's no need to call our Assist team. You can use the software on our AssistPlus device to diagnose the car's issues, conduct routine tests and service resets to help you get the customer's car back to them in the fastest possible time.

Level 2:

Diagnosis Confirmation

You may be confident that you have identified the issue with the customer's car, but you just want an additional level of reassurance before you undertake expensive repairs or order parts. By scheduling a call with the Assist team we can help you confirm your diagnosis before you undertake repairs.

Level 3:

Problem Car

We can walk you through the entire process. Some cars stubbornly refuse to be diagnosed despite being seen by multiple repair shops and generating many different fault codes. If you call us to talk about one of these 'problem cars', we will take you through our Assist Fault-to-Fix five-step process to work through the problems, fully supported by OE-trained Master Technicians and connected via the AssistPlus device.

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